Business Marketing Strategies for Selling Wine Cabinets

I am a serious wine collector. In my collection of hundreds of wine bottles in my wine cabinet, I have various wines from different regions and countries of varying varietals and color. Some are young, some are aged.

My family and friends know of my passion for wines which leads them to give me wine related presents. I have been given wine bottles, wine glasses, corkscrews, wine labels, wine storage racks, books on wine, and much more. I could even go into the wine business as I am knowledgeable in wines and its peripherals.

The idea of entering a wine related business has been on my mind for a long time. Among all aspects of wine, I am most passionate and interested in wine storage. I have toyed with the idea of transforming one of the rooms in people’s houses into a custom wine cellar, but for most wine collectors a wine cabinet will be more affordable. This is where I should focus my business ideas.


Effective Marketing Strategies for Selling Wine Cabinets

For any business to succeed there should be a marketing plan. Marketing strategies for small business should be creative to attract customers and realistic and doable enough for proper execution to attain desired results. There should be a vision and clear objectives and realistic targets. It is wise to start small and go forth slowly but surely.

Developing a marketing plan is not easy to do. The seller must put himself in the shoes of the customer. What would make me buy a wine cabinet? What would I need? What would I want? What marketing strategy would work for me? Answering these questions can be the start to formulating a business plan to sell wine cabinets.

As a consumer, there are two things I require or deem important in a wine cabinet. I want it made of good wood – one that will last for generations and is easy to maintain. Also, I want an efficient cooling system that will maintain the temperature of the wine cabinet.

I would assume that customers also consider these two features as important as I, so I would sell and market wine cabinets made of good wood that have efficient cooling systems. For these two aspects, there aren’t any shortcuts. These will be the main selling points of my product and my marketing strategies, and spiel and taglines will revolve around these two features. Take for example the marketing strategy of Le Cache Wine Cabinets. It mentions the quality materials they use for their wine cabinets- the cooling system in particular.

The wine cabinet is not a stand-alone product. It exists because wines exist. Avid wine collectors, at one point, will need a wine cabinet for storage of their wine collection. To sell and market a wine cabinet, it will be prudent to collaborate and associate with local wine related businesses. One can collaborate with a winery, a wine distributor, a restaurant, or a furniture shop in order to market and promote the wine cabinet business.

Attractive flyers and brochures depicting the existence and merits of the wine cabinet can be printed and distributed in areas where wine collectors frequent. Again, collaboration with wineries, restaurants, wine stores, and furniture shops can be done. Strong relationships with local businesses are a must.

These days, most businesses benefit from social media and the internet. One of the most effective internet marketing strategies is to use Facebook, Twitter, and the like to promote your products and business. For starters, a website can be created where the selling points of the wine cabinet can be highlighted.

Other important details can also be placed in the website for the information of customers. It’s also important to bank on the years of experience a seller has. The Vinotheque Wine Cabinet’s online description of its products mentions its years of existence in the market. A lot of smart buyers do their research via the net before purchasing anything.

Once the above marketing strategies are in place and customers are coming to you, establish a good relationship with them. Create a database for reference and for future repeat purchases. If they are satisfied with your service and product, the customers will be walking advertisements of the wine cabinets and your business.

Developing a marketing plan for a small business is not easy to do. One has to study the market, thier probable customers, and the location of the business. A thorough sales and marketing plan should be laid out and cascaded to the marketing people for information and execution.