Trade Show Marketing is Pivotal to the Success of a Business

Any business owner who participates in trade shows understands that trade show marketing is key to the success of a business. The challenge is capturing as many leads and sales during the event as possible. To achieve this, your trade show booth should stand out from your competition. Your trade show booth should not only catch attention, but it should make attendees want more of your brand. It should also be so good that it stays in their mind even after they leave the trade show. Learn a few tips on how to make your trade show display stand out by reading the rest of this article.

1. Brand Awareness Before The Trade Show

One of the most important ways to attract people to your trade show display is through brand awareness. You have to keep in mind that attendees have limited about of time to see everything in the trade show. Therefore, they will prioritize their time and limit the booths they will visit. Because attendees are usually given maps and brochures that will help them go around the trade show event, they will plan out beforehand which booths they will visit and the order that they will visit them.

To get your trade show booth to be part of the displays that attendees will want to prioritize, you need to make pre-trade show marketing efforts. One way is through social media campaign, i.e. sponsoring a happy hour at a local bar or hotel where attendees go to, advertising on the trade show’s website, etc. The point is, you need to build awareness before the trade show begins.

2. Give Attendees an Experience Worth Talking About

Word-of-mouth marketing is not only free, but is also the best form of marketing. You will know that your trade show display is successful even by the amount of talking there is afterwards about their experience with your brand. Statistics show that every single trade show attendees is likely to tell 6 or more people about their experience. There are many gimmicks that business owners include in their trade show display to give visitors a memorable experience. Be creative in your gimmick. You might want to have an interesting game in your booth, grant incentives to people who refer your brand to others, etc.

3. Get Guests to Spend More Time in Your Trade Show Booth

One of the challenges that business owners face during trade show exhibits is getting attendees to spend more than a few seconds in their booth. Because of the quantity of things to explore in a trade show floor, attendees get easily distracted and swiftly move from one booth to another.

Provide your visitors with an experience through which they would be willing to spend at least 5 minutes or more in your booth and be refreshed and energized afterwards. Give them a brand experience that will make them lose track of time. One way is to give visitors an inspiring story regarding your brand that will intrigue them or encourage them to ask questions.