Low Budget Marketing Ideas and Strategies for Wine Cellar Builders

Companies in wine display and wine storage industries can increase their exposure and stand out among the competition by developing unique and innovative marketing ideas.  A marketing idea is defined as a creative approach to creating a need and desire for products and services offered to a specific target market.

Marketing ideas need not be expensive in order to be effective.  There are plenty of ways to make a big impact in the industry without spending lots of money.  Low budget marketing ideas allow companies in the wine cellar design industry to effectively promote their business even, with the  current economic uncertainty.

Proven Low Budget Marketing Ideas 

Here are some proven marketing ideas that involve online and offline activities for promoting a business.  These practical concepts can be implemented on a shoestring budget and help wine cellar builders develop their client base and grow their business.

Wine Cellars Exhibit
Wine Cellars Exhibit

One is to participate in trade fairs or expos.  Commercial exhibits create limitless opportunities for wine cellar professionals to interact with a vast group of potential clients.  At trade fairs, they can showcase their range of products (like hand crafted wine racking systems and wine cellar doors, reclaimed hardwood flooring, and a line of climate control systems.

Another low budget approach to marketing a business is joining business award competitions.  Getting recognized for producing high quality results and exceptional custom service should put professional wine cellar installers on the industry map and ahead of their rivals in the business.  Winners usually get a web badge that they can post on their website to showcase their achievement.  Entering a competition also provides free publicity to participating companies.

Wine Cellar Specialists Wine Cellar Builders - Best of Houzz 2013 Award
Wine Cellar Specialists Wine Cellar Builders – Best of Houzz 2013 Award

Venturing into cross-promotion with other companies can provide maximum results at a fraction of the usual cost.  This is a form of promotional strategy that allows industry-related companies to work together in marketing their products and services.  For example, designers and contractors of custom wine cellars can team up with companies in the refrigeration industry that manufacture wine cellar cooling systems.

Internet Marketing Strategies 

Expanding and strengthening your company’s online presence is considered one of the most effective approaches to building brand recognition.  It also provides a platform upon which companies can engage in a steady stream of two-way communication with existing and potential clients.  Developing multifaceted internet marketing strategies can expose businesses to boundless reach on the World Wide Web.

Creating accounts in various social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, WordPress, and Pinterest provides real time access to content and establishes channels of communication between companies and their clients.  Social media networks and blogs allow wine cellar builders to keep their followers updated on their latest products or post videos of a recently completed project.

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars - Internet Marketing
Coastal Custom Wine Cellars – Internet Marketing

Develop a website and hire someone to write SEO (Search Engine Optimization) articles to improve visibility of company website on search engines and increase web page traffic.  The site should include useful and interesting information to attract followers.  For example, wine cellar builders can launch articles featuring one of their products (like reclaimed hardwood flooring), and present its benefits.  The content should also include popular keywords or phrases related to the products and services offered by the company.

Asking clients for testimonials and reviews is one of the most effective low budget marketing ideas for companies to enhance presence in the industry and communicate their brand identity.  They can also create videos of people using or recommending their products.  Testimonials and videos can be launched via the company website or uploaded to their various social media accounts.

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