A Fun and Innovative Small Family Business with Excellent Marketing Strategies

South Coast Collection is a shopping center in Costa Mesa, Orange County, California, that has numerous small businesses lined up in its strip. One of the most successful small businesses in that area is Robert Westley Designs, a family-owned and managed furniture store.

One who helped set up Robert’s furniture business is Andrew Gale of Incorporation Attorneys. Andrew assisted Robert in the numerous steps and introductions that are needed to put up a good small business in Orange County. With Andy’s help, Robert was able to surpass many challenges and create a successful furniture store in California.

Challenges That This Small Furniture Business Faced

All small businesses face challenges, and Robert Wesley Designs is no exception. One of the toughest challenges that this family run furniture business has faced occurred in the year 2007, when the US economy fluctuated rapidly and furniture design went through a very rough stretch. In that year, there was little to no capital spending towards home improvement in the US. It was really a low year for interior designers. Many went from designing homes to merely designing rooms inside these homes, to finally just designing items within the rooms of these homes.

Secrets To A Successful Small Business: Good Marketing Strategies

One of the reasons this small business has survived the many challenges that it has faced is good management and effective marketing strategies. One of the best ways that the family has marketed their business is by giving discounts and incentives to the interior designers who use their line of products. This not only encourages the designers to use their products, but also promotes them.

Choosing a location wisely is vital in putting up any business. Robert Westley Designs is located at a place where people are attracted to go. The SOCO shopping center in Costa Mesa, Orange County, CA is a lifestyle center. Meaning, this place is filled with beautiful coffee shops, tea bars, wine bars, tasty pastry shops and etc. When people want to buy furniture, they would rather go to a lifestyle center where they can go around before or after they purchase furniture, compared to going to a furniture shop that stands on its own.

SOCO shopping center is also a good location for small furniture business because there are very few furniture shops left in San Diego County now, and so people prefer to go down there.