Marine Vessel Application of Spray Foam Insulation

In this video, we talked about the marine application of spray foam.

Marine Spray Foam Insulation Long Beach Los Angeles CA

So we talked about wine tanks, pole barns, horse barns, and I think you were going to talk about a marine application?
Yeah. Long Beach is the biggest port in the United States, and we’ve done several boat hauls, the bottom of the boat. We
used marine foam that can handle oil, saltwater. Fiberglass boats that helps for floatation. If there’s any cracks or
holes in the boat, it could keep it afloat. A lot of fresh water racing boats use it to work if there is a rack, if they
come apart while they’re racing, the boat stays afloat instead of sinking to the bottom. They use it as a safety
precaution to keep the boat afloat if there is any issues when taken into the water, the boat will still float.
So is it something that would be applied during manufacturing or can it be retrofitted.
Both. There is constant problems of boat hauls leaking. Remember it has a moisture barrier in there. So we can go in there
in older boats to spray foam. It actually toughens it. Remember it builds structural integrity, so it can do that to a
boat haul as well. It makes it a lot more sturdy. You spray it in between the springers of the boat just like you would
the framing of a house. It would help keep the boat water tight, add a floatation device to it. On boats, a lot of times
oil from the engine ends up in the bottom of the haul. Anything that strips down from the boat ends up in the haul, and
usually the builds picks it up and takes it out. So it would catch the builds and it would not soak in the insulation
curves because it’s water-resistant.
I imagine it would be a challenge to actually apply because you’re going to be in extremely kind of restricted spaces?
Well there’s plenty of boat yards that you can go to the boat yard instead of doing it out on the water. That’s when it
can be initiated.
Getting inside the haul?
It’s a tight fit.
Do you have a really short guy?
A really short guy? No.
Or do you just make a policy of employing small children?
Well there’s awfully big boats too out here. I’m talking military ships as well.
Oh right!
Yeah there’s more than just a little pleasure boats.
So it doesn’t…
You can get some monstrous boats. We’re talking cruise liners, military ships, fishing boats, sixty, seventy foot long
fishing boats.
Are there any restrictions in terms of the type of boats or basically what you’re saying it applies to virtually any type
of boat, whether it’s the large commercial liner, a military ship of some kind or cargo carrier or a sailing yacht? It
would apply equally to all boats of all sizes?
That’s an application for spray foam I would never have thought of.
Some boats have been engineered without it, but some have it engineered with it, and some older boats that might have a
problem where they need more structural integrity or more waterproofing or just want a better ride out there on the water
can use spray foam.