The Key Design Elements of a Wine Cellar Project in Missouri

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St Louis Missouri Wine Cellar Design by Coastal

A recent wine cellar project in St. Louis Missouri called for a storage capacity of 926 bottles in a contemporary setting.  In order to meet the challenge of a traditional and modern appearance, the builders decided to integrate the following materials into the design:  custom Heart Redwood racking, a seamless glass wall and entryway, and oak wine barrel cellar flooring.

Dual paned glass was used for the walls and entryway; thus providing an impressive view of the interior while at the same time keeping moisture at bay.  Using dual pane glass is an essential element when building a wine room, single pane glass can allow condensation to form which could promote the growth of mold which can damage your wine collection.  Furthermore, molds can be costly to remove when allowed to grow exponentially over time.

The wine room follows a symmetrical design to reflect balance and harmony.  The builders installed a single bottle storage racking with high reveal display rows, wherein each wine bottle has its own cubbyhole that tilts downward at a 15 degree angle, allowing the cork to remain in contact with the wine.  For bulk storage, diamond cube bins were incorporated into the bottom half of the racking system.

The builders opted to use concealed LED lights to accentuate the architectural features of the wine room.  For added visual appeal, label forward racking displays were installed near the glass walls.

For the wine room’s refrigeration system, the builders decided to go with a CellarPro 4200 VSi self-contained wine cellar cooling unit.  Since the client wanted the cooling unit hidden from view, it was installed in and above the ceiling using rear and front ducting kits.  The rear ducting kit discharges the warm air outdoors while the front ducting kit supplies cold air into the wine room.

To complement the natural soft tones of All Heart Redwood wine racks, the builders used Cooperage wine cellar flooring.  The combination is striking and attractive, and it gives the wine cellar a unique flair.  Cooperage is the actual wine barrelhead where winery stamps and brand markings are visible.  When recycled wine barrel flooring is incorporated into the wine cellar design, it creates a stunning and elegant atmosphere.

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