Weight Loss Help – Small Business Marketing Opportunity for California Weight Loss Coach

Obesity Rates and The Weight Loss Help Industry

Obesity is one of the leading causes of premature deaths worldwide. To date, there are over a billion people in the world who are considered obese.  Obesity is defined as a medical condition in which there is excessive body fat accumulation in an individual that puts them at risk for disease, such as high cholesterol levels, heart disease, high blood pressure, or diabetes.  Being overweight can also limit the physical activities of an individual.

Obesity Statistics 2013
Obesity Statistics 2013

Soaring obesity rates paved the way for the weight loss industry, which is now estimated to be worth at least $60 billion.  Weight loss help related products can be in the form of tangible goods and intangible services.  Tangible slimming products may be diet foods, a diet book, or a multimedia weight loss management plan, while an intangible service may involve one on one coaching with a California weight loss coach.

Small Business Marketing Opportunity as a California Weight Loss Coach

The increasing number of overweight individuals fosters the continuous growth of the weight loss industry.  This creates a lot of small business marketing opportunities for entrepreneurs who want to make their mark in the diet industry.  When trying to break into the weight loss market, decide on the kind of weight loss help product or service you intend to sell and the type of marketing platform upon which your business can thrive most.

Weight Loss Small Business Marketing
Weight Loss Small Business Marketing

Most California weight loss coach groups recommend the Baseline Diet concept as the ideal weight loss program, because of its safe and healthy approach to losing weight.  The framework of this diet solution is based on proven medical science that is designed to complement the body’s biochemistry.  Diet programs that embrace the Baseline Diet concept focus on meals that are low in carbohydrates, and high in mono and polyunsaturated fats.

Small Business Marketing Using Social Media Sites

The internet is a viable small business marketing tool for promoting the Baseline Diet Solution, as well as establishing brand identity.  It offers a plethora of marketing platforms that grant business owners access to a broader target audience.  Weight loss entrepreneurs can take advantage of the popularity of social media sites such as Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook in creating awareness of the Baseline Diet concept.

Social media sites allow entrepreneurs to engage and establish rapport with their online visitors, on a regular basis and in real time.  These social networking channels also support a range of multimedia tools, with which weight loss business owners can promote the Baseline Diet Solution in ways that can make an impact on your target audience.


If you’re in the diet business, you can showcase the effectiveness of your weight loss help programs by posting before and after photos of individuals who have achieved their target weight.  Another way to make an impact is to upload videos documenting the journey of weight-challenged individuals into shedding excess pounds.  The video images will not only validate your diet program, but also motivate people into attaining a healthy physique and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Blogging is another online platform that entrepreneurs can use in their marketing campaigns.  This platform is becoming a popular interactive tool for most web-based business ventures because of its ability to provide a content rich website and draw traffic from popular search engines like Google and Yahoo.  Blogging also allows California weight loss coach groups to educate online visitors about the importance of eating right and cultivating a healthy lifestyle.

Advertising on the web is an inexpensive small business marketing approach that can be implemented at a moment’s notice, allowing entrepreneurs to communicate with potential customers within a matter of days or even hours.

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